Happy Birthday My Dear Alicia

We were suppose to be toasting your 21st birthday at Cheers to Art, where you could paint and have your first glass of wine. Unfortunately God had other plans for you. We miss you terribly but are so glad we have great memories to reflect on. Last year your dad and I gave you the [...]

Alicia’s Last Breath

Jim came up on Thursday night and went directly to Alicia’s room, arriving about 1am Friday morning. He came to the hotel room at 2am and Alicia’s nurse called us at 4am to tell us to come back to Alicia’s room. We called Nick at 5am and told him he needed to come to Cleveland. [...]

Alicia… Are You There

I arrived late Sunday and Jim and I went to see Alicia on Monday morning together. She did not look good! Jim had told me she slept almost all of Sunday but we did not think much about it. Well by Monday she was lethargic and unresponsive to us or anyone for that matter. She [...]

Three Breaths Forward, Two Back

What a weekend. When I got here, I found out they totally stopped almost all pain medication and Alicia was in some pain. She has been on pain meds for a few months now, and to totally stop most medication, she was going through major withdrawal. Like she does not have enough to deal with! [...]

Still in the ICU as of 02/27

I came to Cleveland on Monday evening very late since Nick had his own quarterly doctors appointment at Children’s today. He had great numbers on everything. He blows pfts in the 111 range (probably a lot better than I would do!). Since I got in so late I did not visit Alicia until Tuesday. On [...]

And Then There Were Two

Alicia is down to two chest tubes. They took two out today. They are coming out much slower than they first thought. I am going home today to work, so I hope they are all out by the time I get back on Friday. Alicia sat in a chair for eight hours on Saturday and [...]

Sat in Chair Most of the Day

When I got here this morning, Alicia was already in her chair. She sat in her chair until after 3:00 pm (over 8 hours!) which was great. She was also off the respirator for two hours today breathing on her own. She is very tired now and has been sleeping since 8 pm. They feel [...]

Update for last two days 02/20 + 02/21

Alicia still continues to improve every day. She is able to be lifted to a chair and sit for about an hour.  She definitely gets tired just doing that. She is able to use her phone to text a very very small amount. Texting too much does again wear her out and she gets frustrated. [...]

Rise and Shine 02/19

I arrived at the hospital for what I thought was early, 8:45 am but by then Alicia had already seen pulmonary doctors, and a Physical Therapist and was getting ready to be lifted into a chair! She was very busy today and awake for almost all of it. Her communication ability is better now (or [...]

Better in the ICU 02/18

Step by step she is getting better. She was awake more today than any other. She has no more infection in her blood so we are very relieved about that. She also got a chest tube out yesterday so now she is down to 5 instead of 6. The chest tubes provide drainage and are [...]