Waiting for a Phone Call

I am sorry that I have not been blogging. I have been busy and things have not changed. Everything is the same old same old, I am just waiting, waiting patiently by the phone. I am so ready for this call and my transplant!

My friend Kevin who has CF just got hiss second pair of lungs today! He is doing well, but since it is his second the doctors said it might take longer to recover. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers :) I will keep you updated on his status:)

I have not been in the hospital since the end of August. I think I am doing alright. I have told my doctors that I could be in the hospital all the time because I am so sick, but that is not living, so I just take it day by day. I don’t push myself and do as much as I used to. I have been going for weekly doctor appointments so they know how I am doing. I have been checking my blood sugars more often and the doctors are very happy. My diabetes is the only thing I have trouble with. I have also been doing my tube feeds which makes the doctors happy. I am happy that I have not been in the hospital. :) I know my body and know when to go in and I do have really bad days, but I just get through them and I am just waiting for that phone call. :)

On a not so happy note, my father lost his job a few weeks ago. We still have health insurance, but my parents have to pay more a month. We do have great family members that are helping, but they can’t help forever. My dad is looking for a new job, but doesn’t know how to go to a new business and say “oh by the way I am going to take time off because my daughter needs a $1,000,000 surgery”. It stinks. I am so upset that my family cannot catch a break! My dad is a locksmith so if you or anyone you know needs your house re-keyed or anything locksmith related please call him at Lang’s Locks 513-860-0222. He needs the extra business :)

I do have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I don’t feel any different than last week. My PFT last week was 20%. Which is my lowest to date. We will see what I will blow tomorrow.

I am sorry that I have not been posting that much, I’m trying to do better!

Thanks for reading my blog :)

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  1. Jennifer Anderson says:

    I just wanted you know that Greg and I are here for you. I miss you beautiful lady! You have not only touched me but have encouraged me everyday. You have made me appreciate every single second and show me how much there is to life than what I have experienced. You have shown me how precious every minute is yet be courageous no matter what is thrown at us. I truly know that you are going to made whole..sooner than you think!:)

    Call me if you need anything!

    Greg and Jen

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