Better in the ICU 02/18

Step by step she is getting better. She was awake more today than any other. She has no more infection in her blood so we are very relieved about that. She also got a chest tube out yesterday so now she is down to 5 instead of 6. The chest tubes provide drainage and are inserted in between her ribs (some say these are the most painful things about this surgery). Overnight last night she was given a pain pump with a button to press since they thought she could be alert enough to press it. So far she has been alert enough. Today she also sat up in a chair. Here at the Cleveland Clinic they have a “lift team,” these workers physically spend their time lifting patients so the nurses do not have to! Anyway, Alicia was lifted from the bed to the chair with all of tubes in tow and was able to sit up for a while. I decided to brush her hair – even when Alicia is not in the hospital this is a tedious job with my daughter since she’s such a tender head! Luckily, she will never remember me doing it thank goodness. She was in the chair under an hour and it really did wear her out a little. I left the hospital for the hotel around 10:30 since it was obvious she was tired. This afternoon dad and brother left to return to West Chester (at least until the weekend) since school and work are still waiting at home.  Our dogs were very excited to see Nick and Jim today! And the best part is that so many of you donated money toward our kennel fee we did not owe anything! We are so fortunate to have such great friends and appreciate everyone’s kindness.


Mary Kay (Alicia’s mom)

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  1. becky buescher says:

    So happy to hear she is more alert. Sitting in the chair made jennifer tired too. She sounds like she is on the right path, for sure! I know you and your family are exhausted, but so worth it, right? We just love you guys and so happy the wait for new lungs is over! Keep it up, Alicia! You’re doing great!!!!

  2. Ashleigh Baker says:

    Love you girl!!! <3 Keep kicking booty. ;) Minute by minute. Day by day.

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