Update for last two days 02/20 + 02/21

Alicia still continues to improve every day. She is able to be lifted to a chair and sit for about an hour. ¬†She definitely gets tired just doing that. She is able to use her phone to text a very very small amount. Texting too much does again wear her out and she gets frustrated. She is not able to talk yet with the trach in so calling her is out right now. They tried to use a trach collar and have her speak but it was too much for her and she could not do it. She also was on the trach collar and felt short of breath at one point but she was able to keep herself calm without having a panic attack. I keep getting asked… “is she soooo excited about her new lungs?” Well right now she is trying to focus on recovering from a big surgery so her main focus is: when will the pain of chest tubes stop, when can I get water, and other basic needs! This is probably similar to an open heart surgery – someone does not just sit up and say “wow I feel great lets go!” ¬†Anyway, we appreciate everyone’s concern and nice words on her blog and facebook. Also, anyone texting me, do not be disappointed if I do not respond (this is even for my own family) since my texts can get full easily and then I stop receiving texts. I will not get texts until I empty my box! Also the more she is awake, which is a lot now, the busier I am. One complication at Cleveland Clinic is this hospital has never had her as a patient so they are constantly asking about her past history. If I step out of the room I generally cannot be gone long or some doctor will be looking for me. My goal now with her more awake is to post every few days.


Mary Kay (mom)

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  1. Mrs. Ebbing says:

    Thank you Mary Kay for taking the time update her blog! That alone takes your time.

    It is great to hear Alica had a good day and is making progress every day! Thinking of her, praying for her constantly.

    Your family inspires all of us! Keep fighting Alicia. I am sure Sadeeeeee and Sasha are excited to hear you are doing well too!

  2. Connie Flowers says:

    I am so happy to hear that Alicia continues to make progress! I know firsthand how busy and exhausting those recovery days and weeks at Cleveland Clinic can be. Be sure and take care of yourself too. Thanks for the updates!

  3. Kay Fricke says:

    I ditto what everyone else has said here. We are delighted that everything is moving in the right direction and want to make sure that you take care of yourself. Alicia’s buddies on the Patient Advisory Council in Cincinnati are absolutely thrilled to hear she is doing so much better and cannot wait to see her again (ironically, patience may not be their strongest attribute:) They want her back by Awards!
    I just wondered Mary Kay if Alicia would appreciate getting old fashioned mail/get well cards etc. I didn’t know if this was allowed (infection control issues). If this is ok – can you please share an address for us all?
    Thank you for the updates – and please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers!

  4. Kay Fricke says:

    Yes – thank you so much for the updates. On behalf of the patients on the council in Cincinnati – we miss Alicia and want her to come back soon. Is she allowed to get mail? or is that an infection control issue. If we can send cards, please provide an address. We wait anxiously for every update and are so happy to hear that progress is being made.

  5. Maegen Krugler says:

    Keep it up Alicia! You are inspiring a lot of people wayyy up here in Toledo! Stay strong :) Miss you!

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