And Then There Were Two

Alicia is down to two chest tubes. They took two out today. They are coming out much slower than they first thought. I am going home today to work, so I hope they are all out by the time I get back on Friday.

Alicia sat in a chair for eight hours on Saturday and nine hours on Sunday, so she is improving each day. She was off the respirator for two hours on Saturday and her blood gases “went south” so they did not take off the respirator since. They cannot complete the swallow evaluation while she is on the respirator, so they will not do that evaluation today as anticipated no drinking of water).

Alicia is still in ICU, but if a bed becomes available in the “Rescue Unit”, she will go there. They would aggressively work with her to get her off the respirator so she can go to the regular floor. Nurse to patient ratio in ICU is 1 to 1 or 1 to 2, in Rescue is 1 to 3, and on the floor is 1 to 6.

Physical Therapy came in today and actually moved her legs, arms, etc. Last week they just dropped off some exercise sheets for her to do on her own, since she was not very receptive to exercise. I just want her to get up and walk out into the hallway, but this too will take time. As her doc says, Rome was not built in one day.

Again, we really appreciate all the prayers and well wishes. The support we receive is definitely helping us through this nightmare. We thank God on a daily basis for the family, friends, and community giving our family the support we need.

Please sign up for the Shamrock Shuffle the morning of Saturday, March 9th at The Square at Union Center. Click Here to sign up. We hope Alicia will be there virtually on Facetime with her brother’s phone, so you can personally speak to Alicia. We are also doing our monthly Aluminum Can Collection this Saturday (3/2)  9am to Noon. Bring your aluminum cans to Lakota West High School parking lot. We will try to have Alicia there as well, but if she is still in ICU or Rescue, cannot video chat or talk on cell phone.

Jim Lang

4 Responses to “And Then There Were Two”

  1. becky buescher says:

    glad to hear of the progress! Go alicia!!!!

  2. Mrs. Ebbing says:

    More good news today. Thanks for the updates. It sounds like Alicia is making progress forward every single day. I am thinking about you Alicia and all of your family and praying that recovery will be steady and less painful each day. I am amazed by you!
    Praying for a successful swallow test soon so you can take those first sips of water!!
    Love you bunches.

  3. John & Linda Halase says:

    Thank you for the updates. We are keeping the people at John Thomas’ church, West Chester Presbyterian, informed of Alicia’s progress. The congregation has prayed for Alicia and her family several times. We will continue to keep her in our prayers.

  4. Mary May says:

    I am in constant awe of the courage you show each of us Alicia. Keep up the good work. May God bless all of your family.

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