Three Breaths Forward, Two Back

What a weekend. When I got here, I found out they totally stopped almost all pain medication and Alicia was in some pain. She has been on pain meds for a few months now, and to totally stop most medication, she was going through major withdrawal. Like she does not have enough to deal with! But it needs to be done. Hard for a Dad to see your daughter go through the pain when you know there is something they could do, but it is part of the process. I keep telling myself that, but it is still very hard! Like I say, she makes three major strides forward, then slides back two – What A Roller Coaster!

Alicia still has two chest tubes in and is still in ICU because she is still on the respirator most of the day. She did come off and breathe on her own for about four hours on Saturday which was a great job. But again today, she is very, very tired. They are letting her sleep through the afternoon, hoping she can rest enough to breathe on her own later today.

Next weekend I need to work, so Mary Kay will stay here for two weeks. That means I can do The Shamrock Shuffle. We did FaceTime (Skype) Alicia to those at “Cans” this weekend, so we will also have the “Virtual Alicia” at the Shamrock Shuffle. Make sure you sign up today (3/3) so you can get your T‑shirt and definitely sign up by Wednesday (3/6) so our team gets “credit” for your participation. Just think, you too can visit with the “Virtual Alicia” to see her “in person” live from Cleveland Clinic. Please click here to sign up for The Shamrock Shuffle held Saturday (3/9) in the morning at The Square @ Union Centre in West Chester, Ohio.

Jim Lang

4 Responses to “Three Breaths Forward, Two Back”

  1. Jackie R. says:

    I am praying everyday for Alicia! She is such a strong and determined young lady, I have faith she is going to push through this HUGE lifes step. Much love to you all!

  2. Amanda says:

    Alicia, although I do not know you I have been reading your blog for the past couple of months. You are such an inspiration to everyone around you. Just by reading, I can tell how strong of a person you are. Stay strong!

  3. Mrs. Ebbing says:

    Good Morning Lang Family.

    Thinking about Alicia through the night and this morning. Praying she is pain free soon and ready to move out of ICU. Love you Aleeceea!

  4. Gramma Tillie says:

    Hi beautiful young lady, Judy tells us you are having a rough time but we all know you are a strong fighter.

    Our prayers are with you always. We pray each minute of each day is better than the time before.

    Much love and hugs are coming your way. Gramma Tillie

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