Alicia… Are You There

I arrived late Sunday and Jim and I went to see Alicia on Monday morning together. She did not look good! Jim had told me she slept almost all of Sunday but we did not think much about it. Well by Monday she was lethargic and unresponsive to us or anyone for that matter. She was not herself since her eyes were shifting under her eyelids, dilated and occasionally open with a very blank stare. The doctors were quite concerned and very worried. They did a CT scan. It was determined she had a twisted bowel. Maybe we had an answer for her current state. She was very weak and definitely not up for surgery but the doctors had no choice and felt she needed bowel surgery to fix her situation. Jim and I braced ourselves for the worst (we are getting pretty good at that) because a twisted bowel could mean cutting out some bowel, bacteria escaping into her system, and worse yet more complications from again another surgery! Our lung transplant surgeon was able to contact a very experienced GI surgeon at Cleveland Clinic to do the procedure. He did  laparoscopic surgery to go into the bowel.  After forty-five minutes into the surgery we were notified the bowel had corrected itself. The surgeon was relieved. And so were we, to say the least. However, this still did not fix her current state of mind. Her liver counts are really off so the doctors feel an antibiotic she is on can be affecting her liver.

On Tuesday morning she seemed to interact more normally, even though she was still not communicating as much as last week. At least she knew we were in the room today! She is still very weak and looks definitely ill. Today they inserted a Hickman device in Alicia, which is similar to a port. This particular port is used to administer TPN. This is nutrition that is given through the veins instead of the stomach. Her doctors are still very confused why she is not more responsive but there are so many things that can affect one another. We are so lucky to be at the Cleveland Clinic in the cardiac ICU because their Cardiac division at this hospital is number one in the nation. All of the staff are very concerned and really trying to stay on top of it all. After she seemed to get a little better Jim left at four today so he could get home before the big storm hit. So far in Cleveland there is no snow and we may not get much at all from the system. I stayed with Alicia until almost ten until she fell asleep.

Hopefully tomorrow she will start turning around and get on the road to recovery. It seems that the step down unit is very far away but we are just taking one step at a time.

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the walk this weekend! Hopefully all snow will be melted before the event starts.

We appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers,

Mary Kay Lang (mom)

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  1. becky buescher says:

    Geesh! I am so sorry Alicia and your family are going through this! You are at a very good hospital and know they are great! We are all thinking and praying for Alicia and you family!

  2. Connie Flowers says:

    Oh, no! I am sorry to hear of this latest setback for Alicia and glad to hear she is getting a bit better. You are definitely in the right place for top notch care! The recovery from lung transplant surgery is definitely a roller coaster ride for some. My daughter Amy’s recovery has not been quite this dramatic, but has had its share of bumps in the road. Be sure to take care of yourselves as these up and downs can take a real emotional and physical toll on the family. Thanks for the updates. I think of your family and Alicia many times a day and am praying for her to continue to progress and feel better soon!

  3. Mrs. Ebbing says:

    Good Morning Mary Kay. Thank you so much for the update. I know it takes you a lot fo time when you have so much on your mind. Thinking of you and praying Alicia has a good day today with less pain.

  4. Mary May says:

    Mary Kay, Logan was home this week for a Doctors appointment and we were chatting about the days that we all sat around the tennis courts and watched the boys play tennis. We talked about the days when Nick was so shy and how he would hardly talk. He was such a good boy. Logan reminded me how much the boys all loved you and how they wanted YOU to be there tennis coach. I laughed, cause I did not know what they were thinking at the time “throwing over there coach” I just wanted you to know how much those boys all loved your family. You and your husband were instrumental in those boys lives and they remember that. Our wonderful and awesome God never abandons the people who are his faithful and kind servants. You hang in there. We are all praying for you. God bless you all.

  5. Cindy Hayden says:

    Thanks for the update! Thoughts and prayers continue to be with Alicia and your family each and every day! You all couldn’t be in a better place for Alicia!

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