Happy Birthday My Dear Alicia

We were suppose to be toasting your 21st birthday at Cheers to Art, where you could paint and have your first glass of wine. Unfortunately God had other plans for you. We miss you terribly but are so glad we have great memories to reflect on. Last year your dad and I gave you the Tiffany blue ring for your 20th birthday. You were so surprised and so happy! You had moved on from your ex-boyfriend Brett and were very content. You were one of the most mature young ladies I ever met but you were with adults more than your peers since you were hospitalized so frequently. I have said it many times how brave you were. You would never complain no matter what kind of procedure you had to go through. We all miss your fighting spirit and your great sense of humor.

Tonight is a great opportunity to thank everyone who helped, hugged, gave condolences, donated money and loved our daughter! The last week has been a whirlwind for our family. The visitation on Friday was four hours long. Nick, Jim and myself did not sit down the entire time. Wow! Alicia touched a lot of hearts! The funeral was held at the Vineyard Chapel in Sharonville. ¬†What a beautiful service with great music (thanks Deb – from Cincinnati Children’s and Matt and Jenny Duma!). We appreciate everyone who came and donated their time and effort to make the funeral and reception go smoothly. We even had leftover food for our family get together the next day in Middletown. On Monday we had a small private gathering for the burial. The cemetery is just beautiful and peaceful. Again, thank you all for your help it is truly appreciated. We know all of you miss Alicia too.

Below is the address for wlwt.com on Alicia’s story that ran on March 14th.


To celebrate Alicia we will hold one last cans event on April 6th. Save your cans and bring them to Lakota West High School.

Thanks everyone,

Mary Kay (mom)

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  1. Kristina Lang says:

    My heart breaks for you, Jim, & Nick. Alicia was a very special person.. I may not have been in the family very long or knew her very well, but in the short time I did she completely changed my views on life .. and Timmy thought the absolute world of her.. Happy Birthday Alicia.. May you breathe easy now…! We are here if you need us Jim, MaryKay,& Nick! Love You All.

  2. Cecilee says:

    Beautiful, Mary Kay. Love to you all….

  3. Summer Burton RN@cchmc says:

    Happy Birthday Alicia!! I know that you are looking down on everyone with that huge smile. Enjoy your day with the angels my dear.

  4. Shelby Quino says:

    I just want to express my condolences to the Lang family for their loss. I didn’t know Alicia very well, but she has already made a difference in my life because I’ve learned so much about CF that I didn’t know and I am definitely going to continue being an organ donor for the rest of my life. Her death was not in vein.

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